1520 Portage Trail #2
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223


1520 Portage Trail #2
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Vision Therapy

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is a specialized program, which helps correct visual, developmental and perceptual problems that are not helped through glasses or contacts. Think of vision therapy as physical therapy for the eyes and brain. If you or someone you know has vision problems, behavioral problems or learning problems, vision therapy might help.

How long does it take?

Noticeable benefits and results of vision therapy depends on the type of vision problem being treated, as well as the motivation of the patient to practice the activities and procedures prescribed by the optometrist. The exact activities and procedures for any given patient are determined after testing and consultation with the optometrist.

What is the difference between a Vision Therapy exam and a regular eye exam?

Grant Vision Care’s optometrists will be testing for all of the visual skills required in order for a child/adult to function properly in learning/work environment. In addition, patients are tested for visual acuity and the general health of the eyes. Our doctors have earned a post-doctorate fellowship and are specialized in developmental vision problems

How successful is vision therapy?

Vision therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment. For most conditions treatment is 85-90 percent effective. Much of the success depends on the patients willingness to follow the doctors instructions. For patients that do so, significant progress usually results.

Can I be to old for vision therapy?

People of all ages have benefited from vision therapy. Though it is always considered beneficial to be able to intervene at an early age, it is noted that patients who are willing and motivated will encounter good results.

Can vision therapy help with learning problems?

Vision therapy can be directed toward resolving visual problems which interfere with educational instruction and some learning problems. It can help to improve visual function so the student is better equipped for success in school or any other learning environment.

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