1520 Portage Trail #2
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223


1520 Portage Trail #2
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

What?! What does vision and your core (or even what is your core??!) have to do with each other?

Our core is comprised of the muscles that allow us to to hold our body upright. These muscles can be found in our belly, lower and mid back area. If these muscles are weak, we can also expect the neck muscles to be weak. The neck muscles support the head which houses our eyes.

When the muscles that support our eyes are weak, we can assume that accurate and efficient eye movements will be difficult. These are the children that will likely be whole head movers, or unable to sit still in their chair. The body is not able to provide proper proprioceptive feedback. This then tends to look very much like ADD/ADHD, when in reality it has nothing to do with the ability to attend, but the ability to gather information efficiently!

ACL Prevention Protocol: Day 1Children who have a weaker core may be found “W-sitting”. This helps to provide a wider base in order to support the upper part of the body. However, this gives the body a false sense of strength and thus does not allow the body to develop core strength as it should in sitting up tall. In our therapy room we encourage children to sit with their legs straight out or “criss cross apple sauce”.

core corner


We now have a dedicated space in our office called “Core Corner” where children who are waiting for vision therapy (or their siblings) can try out the pose of the week. This will not only get them ready for the day, but give mom and dad some great ideas for at home play!




For some awesome core strengthening ideas please visit theinspiredtreehouse.com

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